2012 - 2014

Sede Presidencia
Sede Presidéncia
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CLAQ 2014

14 - 17 Octubre 2014



The Latin American Federation of Chemical Associations (hereinafter called as FLAQ) was founded in the seventh Latin American Congress of Chemistry, held in Mexico City from March 29 to April 3, 1959.


  1. Promote the establishment of Chemical Associations at the local level of professional chemistry.

  2. Promoting the establishment of a Code of Professional Ethics to be adopted by practitioners of Chemistry in Latin America.

  3. Encourage the exchange between Higher Education Centers encouraging the exchange of science and technology to respond to urgent development opportunities in Latin America. Promover la Organización de Congresos Latinoamericanos de Químicas.

  4. Participate in international meetings on chemical and related problems.

  5. Promote studies on the chemical problems.

  6. Establish working committees to study problems on a permanent Latin American chemists.

  7. Helping to spread by the means at their disposal new knowledge of chemistry.



2012 - 2014

Dra. Cecilia Anaya Berrios

Dr. Fabián Parada Alfonso
Past Presidente

Dra. Lena Ruiz

Dra. Olga R. Lock Sing
Executive Secretary

Ing. Quim. Flor de María Sosa   

Pro Secretary is Dra. Ana María Muñoz


Dr. Gabriel A. Infante
Dra. Olga R. Lock Sing
Dr. Alberto Nuñez
Dr. Bernabé Rivas Q.
Dr. Carlos A.Tollinche
Dr. Mario Suwalsky
Dr. Fabián Parada Alfonso
Dr. Paulo C. Vieira

Honorary Presidents

Dr. Gabriel Infante
Lic. Oscar Méndez
Dr. Mario Suwalsky
Dr. Leonidas Unzueta

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